About the Lab

The Cancer Pain Research Lab, York University and University Health Network, is housed at the Toronto General Hospital, in downtown Toronto.  Many of our studies take place at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network.  Our lab is made up of research staff, graduate and undergraduate trainees, co-operative education secondary school students, and volunteers.  Our joint York University – University Health Network CFI-funded infrastructure and space includes a blood sample preparation and storage facility, a research participant interview and exam room, quantitative sensory testing and biofeedback equipment, and office space for team members.

The Cancer Pain Research Lab aims to better understand the biopsychosocial correlates of cancer pain, and its psychological and social impact on patients and family members, and to develop effective and safe pain management strategies for people across the adult lifespan. We study two types of acute and chronic cancer pain: that associated with the disease process itself and the pain related to secondary treatments, namely surgery.

Working from a biopsychosocial model of pain, our primary research interests include ageing and life span developmental approaches, pain assessment, psychological factors (depression, anxiety, demoralization, catastrophizing etc.), end-of-life care and quantitative sensory testing.